About Me

My name is Shelley, owner of A Lifestyle 4 All and both a qualified interior stylist and ecological garden designer. My aim is to help people make the most of their homes by discovering their own unique style.

I am British but have lived and worked in Germany for 10 years and in the Netherlands for over 30 years, studying both Interior Design and Ecological Garden Design here in Dutch. This means that I have a good knowledge of the local market, but I’m also inspired by my regular visits to the UK and Germany, looking out for new ideas in sustainability and green living.

Whether you are wanting to re-design, upgrade or just modify your interior or green space, I can offer friendly and specialist advice: A Lifestyle 4 All is for everyone and every budget!

Foto van Shelley.

" Often people live together happily but cannot agree over how they want their interior space to look.  This is where I can really make a difference, uniting styles and creating the perfect compromise!"


Do you have a question, are you looking for a price quote or do you just want to get in touch? You can reach out by telephone, e-mail or by completing this short contact form.


072 785 1499  /  06 4267 3959

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