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DIY is a growing trend: fun, challenging and very affordable.

But sometimes confidence in design skills, knowledge and the right advice are lacking.  Courses and workshops offer an affordable way to discover various aspects of interior design.

My aim?

To give everyone the opportunity to discover interior design and tackle the next home project with new found confidence and satisfaction!

Choose a complete course where we examine the design process in more detail:

  • the development and implementation of personal interior style
  • drawing layout plans to scale
  • colour-scheming
  • planning a renovation or conversion

Moving house is a challenge but the nicest part is styling your new home!  Plan ahead and do this inspiring course before you move (or later on).

Are you considering a big building project?

Then make a good plan in advance.  Learn more about storage solutions, cosy seating areas, rooms with multiple functions (e.g. office/guestroom) and how to apply the newest home design trends.

Over 6 weeks you will learn the most important principals of interior design and styling.  You can then apply these at home.  At the end of the course you will have a layout plan to scale showing furniture placement, a colour-scheme and a mood-board.