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Interior Styling Advice

Often, we grow tired of a space or our needs change and that is when we can get carried away with following new trends: buying unnecessary products or perhaps making the wrong colour choices.

This is where I can assist with a plan of action, applying the principles of recycling, upcycling, and repurposing wherever possible to minimize unnecessary expense. Perfect for stretched budgets! Planning flexible interiors which can adapt to lifestyle changes is key but creating a beautiful space is just as important! Get in touch soon for a free consultation!

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Interior Workshops

Taking part in a workshop gives you the chance to focus on a specific subject and as all workshops are given in person either at my home or on location, you will be using real materials and benefitting from plenty of interaction in a group setting. The workshops can also be booked as individual coaching sessions.

Themes include:

Colour Design - How to use colour to transform your home.

Interior Design Basics - The basic steps for every home design project.

Kitchen Design - Planning your dream kitchen before going to the kitchen specialist.

Seasonal Inspiration - How to adapt your interior to fit the season, giving you that fresh, new feeling.

Decoratieve lijntekening

Interior Design Course

This 6-week course will give you the tools to tackle any home improvement plan and can accompany you on a specific project so you can progress from week to week, asking for advice and sharing updates along the way. At the end of the course you will have a layout plan to scale showing furniture placement, a colour-scheme and a mood-board.

The course is given in person either at my home or on location so that you can benefit from using real materials.

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Do you have a question, are you looking for a price quote or do you just want to get in touch? You can reach out by telephone, e-mail or by completing this short contact form.

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