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Ecological Garden Design

Around 75% of us in the Netherlands live in towns and cities, and almost half of this area is owned privately. So, our gardens, balconies and terraces can make an important contribution to biodiversity and even help with some negative aspects of climate change. This is very good news as it means we can all make a difference, however small!

Good garden design always considers soil type, light, space, and colour preferences. And then there’s also function and budget to think about. Just as important are those considerations affecting biodiversity and climate change: creating steppingstones and green corridors for our wildlife; dealing with excessive rainfall or the lack of it.

This is where I can help you make the right choices: for me the ‘right plant in the right place’ means choosing plants that will support a wide variety of wildlife for as long a period as possible but will also thrive in the space and look good too! It all begins with the soil - and a free consultation!

So, get in touch soon and start making your green space count!

Foto van een kleurrijke tuin.
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Ecological Garden Design Workshops

More information about workshops on ecological garden design will follow soon. Keep an eye on my homepage and social media!


Do you have a question, are you looking for a price quote or do you just want to get in touch? You can reach out by telephone, e-mail or by completing this short contact form.

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